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Recording the Past for the Future

Archaeoptics have come out of hibernation and are realigning their mission of "Recording the Past for the Future" towards the archival, publication and visualisation of 2D and 2D data archives.

Since 2006 when Archaeoptics went into hibernation, the volume of 2D and 3D digitised material has increased exponentially. Unfortunately, in many cases, there has been little, or no, thought towards archival accessibility of this data. Furthermore, the majority of, especially, 3D data being acquired through modern methods lacks any form of quality control with an emphasis on good-looking "spinny 3D models". These models, whilst satisfactory for interactive purposes, might be missing a trick or two as archival material, recording artefacts at a point in time.

We see the archival of 2D and 3D assets as being more relevant than ever as our cultural heritage has never been under more pressure from over-tourism, climate change and intentional, or unintentional, destruction.

To achieve our mission:

Firstly, Archaeoptics are looking to publish their not inconsiderable archive of scanned material.

Secondly, Archaeoptics are looking to commercialise our archive system and methodologies such that any person or organisation can leverage good archival practise to ensure their data remains accessible and usable in the future.

Thirdly, Archaeoptics will publish their confidential data processing techniques and make available reference implementations of their internal software used to process massive datasets.

Finally, Archaeoptics will publish other presentations and "know-how".

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